Setting up IT systems, cloud infrastructure or data centers are all complex, critical projects requiring multidisciplinary skills besides professionalism and many years of experience.

The work process at Spider Networking always kicks off with a thorough needs analysis for the business processes, the technology environment and the ecosystem in which the customer operates.

At the end of the specification and engineering design stages, the actual installation and assimilation process begins. Following acceptance tests (ATP), the system is delivered to the customer and a training and service stage begins, which includes operation support and maintenance.

Our Specialization

Spider Networking specializes in setting up active infrastructures, paying special attention to data security, data center management software systems, cloud (OpenStack) and virtualization of services and applications.

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A Small Company’s Flexibility with Robust Backing

Spider Networking is lead by a group of experienced managers consisting of former senior managers from the mother company Spider Solutions and other executives with many years of experience in managing complex IT systems at global companies and integration of networks in Israel and abroad.

Our customers get the best of both worlds: as a young, innovative and dynamic company, Spider Networking is fully abreast of all of the latest technology innovations, while on the other hand we operate in complete synergy with the parent company – Spider Solutions – which has been around for over 15 years.

An “IT SWAT force” with considerable engineering and commercial clout: as a part of the Emet Group, one of the largest IT suppliers in Israel, Spider Networking leverages the Group’s business, technological, logistical and organizational power to benefit all its customers.

Choosing the Best Of Breed

Following market research and comparative studies we have conducted among the world leading software and hardware manufacturers, each the best of breed in its category, we have selected Juniper, Cisco , DELL RADWARE,  and SOLARWINDS as the leading manufacturers with whom we work.  For many years now we have been assimilating these best-of-breed manufacturers’ products at our customers to their complete satisfaction.

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A professional service center responding 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, is at our customers’ disposal and depending on the SLA, a skilled engineer, familiar with the customer’s IT system, will arrive at the customer’s premises to resolve emergency, disrupting breakdowns.

A Complete, Comprehensive Solution

Our vast experience in the industry has taught us that the IT challenges are very complex and require tailored solutions, cross-platform, cross-infrastructures, cross-vendors and cross-systems, and therefore we offer our customers the entire range of solutions: from specification and design to purchasing, installation and assimilation through to start-up, delivery, service and maintenance.

Laboratories and Offices

The head office, laboratories and logistics warehouses are in the Afek high-tech park in Rosh HaAyin, 10 HaMelacha Street.