Administration, command and control of networks and computer rooms (NOC/SOC)

The computing system supports the most critical business and administration processes of every organization and therefore slow, or non-functioning applications, disabled databases or server malfunctions – constitute a business risk involving severe potential for loss of revenue and reputation.

The IT network in the organization must be monitored, managed and controlled so that its operators will be able to view an integrated, continuous and real-time picture of the various network components and the different layers: physical, network layers and traffic layers and down to the application layer (the OSI model)

The challenge:
– Receiving an integrated, continuous and real-time picture of the IT network
– Root Cause Analysis – shortening the response and resolution time for malfunctions by analyzing the root cause
– Receiving alerts from the administration system – slowdowns or disablement of services and their integration into a conclusion indicating the root cause
– Ability to calibrate and set alarm thresholds

The solution:
Sophisticated administration systems, able to connect and interface with all of the IT network components, and which provide an up-to-date, immediate and reliable situation picture.


Spider Networking continually evaluates the solutions for administration, command and control systems for computer rooms (SOC/NOC) and following a benchmarking process between the leading vendors, we have selected the best of breed – Solarwinds and Riverbed – as its business partners. These companies have vast experience over many years in managing systems, alerts and performance. They have a solid favorable reputation and an experienced, skilled support and maintenance organization.


Installation and assimilation of computer room administration systems and IT control require specialized skills and knowledge, and therefore a highly experienced expert from Spider Networking will specify and define the administration and monitoring needs of the IT network together with the customer and will see the project through to its successful completion.