No Strings Attached – Wireless Networks

Fast, reliable, highly available broad-band wireless networks enabling access to the LAN or WAN from anywhere in the enterprise campus and for every employee or guest – this is no longer a luxury but an essential business imperative for conducting day-to-day business.

Wi-Fi networks provide high operational flexibility and enable workers, managers, guests and other authorized personnel to use portable computers, smart phones and tablets anywhere within the enterprise campus, thereby disconnecting from the traditional workstation – the desk & chair.

The challenge:

  • An organizational Wi-Fi network, broadband, fast, reliable, highly available
  • Alternative to laying cables (fiber optic or copper wire)
  • Cost savings
  • Supplying power to the points of entry (POE)
  • Centralized administration of the entire Wi-Fi network

The solution:

  • Deploying a managed wireless network linked to switches which connect the wireless points of entry
  • Full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire organization premises or campus(es)
  • Providing a power outlet for the POEs

Main parameters:

  • Support for variable bandwidths
  • Command and control
  • Ease of operation
  • Advanced information security features
  • A variety of switches adapted to different organization sizes and various needs
  • Delivery of electrical power to remote POE / POE+
  • High resiliency systems
  • Support for the industry standards
  • Low, managed (green) energy consumption
  • Quality Of Service (QOS) management


After thorough evaluation of the solutions offered by the wireless network providers, Spider networks selected Juniper, Cisco and Dell as our business partners. These companies are the market leaders in their business


The service engineers Spider Networking employs are experts with considerable knowledge and experience in operating and administration of advanced, sophisticated communication and information security products. They undergo periodic certifications by the large hardware and software manufacturers – our business partners.