Network design and architecture

Design & Analysis In Complex Networks

Is your organization’s business in e-commerce? Finance, health, or academia? Education, research or security?

Practically every organization bases its critical, core processes, on computer systems which support their transaction of business and therefore they have to ensure that the network backbone of their enterprise computer system remains functional, available, reliable and operative.

As opposed to “regular” malfunctions, the recovery from major malfunctions in the IT network, if not handled quickly, may result in lost revenue, customer churn and damage to the company’s reputation and standing.

The challenge:

To identify and map the potential points of failure and bottlenecks in the enterprise computer system, to achieve stability and continuous functionality of the different applications and services, to the satisfaction of the workers and customers and also to design the most suitable architecture for the customer’s needs

The solution:

Improvement of the resilience of the enterprise network by addition of hardware and software or splitting of existing resources and distributing business processes across redundant IT infrastructures using switches, routers and management software