TAPS & Network Visibility Solution

IT managers in the modern world have to contend with challenging and advanced needs such as broad bandwidth in the orders of 10, 40, and even 100 Gigabits. Making snapshots and mirroring of information from various network channels and from Big Data systems for merging and analysis using existing means such as Span Ports or Port Mirrors is becoming a challenge, sometimes even a limiting technological factor.

The Network Visibility solution provides a solution for hardware limitations in the various Span Port switches, requiring complex configuration, continuous administration, and they are even instantly affected in times of high utilization of the switch, down to the level of packet drops.

Furthermore, the multiplicity of network products available today, which deal in “data collection” at all the network and information security layers, necessitates a technological solution that is able to collect the data from many communication channels and mirror 100% of them into command and control systems as well as into other organizational monitoring systems, using data merging, cross-sectioning, and analysis capabilities.

Such a technological solution, which yields a broad perspective of the information flowing in the network can streamline the work of the organization’s IT, raise the level of information security, and substantially cut the troubleshooting times for malfunctions in the enterprise communication environments, thereby drastically reducing overheads.

The challenge:

  • Efficient, lossless snapshotting of information from within selected network channels to monitoring systems.
  • Ability to merge and analyze the information flowing in the network, in real time, while fully mirroring to the command and control systems and to other monitoring systems.

The solution:

  • TAP – a passive product enabling snapshotting the information from the network channels to the monitoring systems regardless of the communication manufacturer. The product works in a One to One , One to Many configuration and is suited to work over a variety of bandwidths
  • Network Packet Broker (NPB) – an active communication product enabling manipulation, analysis, and aggregation of information from a snapshot coming within the network TAPs.
  • Information mirroring technology in a Many to Many configuration: the ability to obtain information from a number of sources (TAPs) and to mirror it all or parts of it to several destinations (Monitoring Systems).
  • SmartNIC – a standard PCIE network card enabling NPB capabilities for smaller, focused environments.


Spider Networking has selected CGS and IXIA, which are considered   leaders in the mirroring and snapshotting of Big Data information in One to Many and Many to Many configurations.



A Spider Networking expert for the Network Visibility universes will characterize and specify, in coordination with the customer, the technological needs and will tailor the optimum solution for enabling full mirroring of the information from the enterprise network.


A help desk is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The center is staffed with Spider Networking’s engineers.